Thief Pants now available at ENIGMA


Thief Pants are now available at the Mainstore




body black.png

This Body was made to fit the SLINK HOURGLASS body

and is now available at the inworld store.



:E: Numb

Harness made out of two pieces, fits the Slink HOURGLASS body only , fully rigged and hand-made textures. Available now at the Secret Affair round (May 15.2016)

Comes in four designs: Brown & Black dull leather | Black & White Latex.

Damon Pinelli


:Enigma: Muffler

I have made a muffler for the Arena Event, opening just about i publish this post, maybe a few hours later.

The scarf is meant to fit the male shape, but the liquid mesh plus two sizes should work for nearly every shape, it comes in Black White and Brown.

Much love, Damon.

.:The Arena Event:.


_ENIGMA_ Duelist Masks Add
_ENIGMA_ Duelist Masks colors

Here is a set of masks for the new Arena event, it is a mens only fashion event that opens on the 5th of April. This is a Gacha round so best of luck getting the mask you desire. In the set you get the choice of 5 common, 4 rare and 2 ultra rare but all masks have lovely detail on them from the leather texture to the detail of the buckles. the rare have gold and silver detail and the ultra rare have chains.

.:The Arena Event:.

Smuggler Pants now in store.

smuggler full pack

The Enigma Smuggler Pants range are now found in my store, The limited addition are not longer available; so whoever bought that set have thank you. You can still pick up the others in the range. As you can see from the above picture you have the choice between 6 colours for the pants, 5 shin guards and 3 belts.

            The Enigma Store.

Smuggler pants, Belt & Guards.

smuggler add no blacklimited pants add croppedsmuggler full pack
This is my latest piece, I have made this set for men but it also can be used for women. This set comes in 6 different colours, 3 different belts rigged and un-rigged with metal colour changing hud (Gold, Silver, Black metal). There are 5 different shin guards that also have a colour changing hud (White brown, Black) for the leather straps that match the belt. The pants come in wide fit as well as normal, both can be edited to fit the mesh or standard SL shape. The pants also have a no shadow copy so you have the choice to wear them with or without the shin guards. This set was made for the Secret Affair Event, The theme is Apocalyptic so I have made a Limited Design,  there is only 150 copies of this design once the Event ends this Limited design will never be used again.

Secret Affair Event.

Chains & Collar of Solitude.

solitude back 1solitude mutli

This set is designed for the mesh body, this can be edited with the sliders for the fuller figure as well as the slimmer female. it comes in various colours, this is 100% liquid mesh. This can be found at my store.

Enigma Store.

Battle Kilt.

Kilt bluekiltmulticolor

This is a very nice kilt, it comes in a range of colours that can be changed throughout the kilt its self from the belt to the inside. This kilt is rigged 100% mesh, it is designed for men but also looks pretty good on females too, it is sold in my store.

Enigma Store.

Valkyrie Shoulder Guards.

Valkyrie Add Picture

Valkyrie shoulder guards are another of my gacha’s they come in 8 different colours. The machine can be found at my store, come over and try your luck. Most items are designed to mix and match.

Enigma Store.